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Red Devils Skydive Seeking Your Help

Quintessentially Foundation is preparing for our biggest drop yet.  On 13 June, some brave souls are will be jumping out of a plane to raise some money for charity.  With £12,405.92 raised so far, QF still has a long way to go to reach our goal of £30,000.  Some of the participants are having a bit of trouble getting to their targets.  To help any of these dare devils out visit our Just Giving page at or contact us directly by sending an email to or


SOS Children’s Village Helping Empower Women in Guatemala

SOS Children’s Village has been helping people around the world to further education, rights and general wellbeing of all.  For more than half a dozen years their Strengthening Program in Sololá, Guatemala, has been giving women the courage to be more active within their communities. Of the 240 plus families supported by SOS, 90% of them are female-headed households. 

Mayan girls grow up preparing for their role in the home.  Most girls will attend two years of primary school, if any at all.  Their entire “education” revolves around learning about housework, leaving many of them illiterate.  Many men take control of the jobs due to the majority of girls beginning to have children at an early age, causing them to have a higher average number of children to take care of.

To help empower the women of Sololá, SOS has started a literacy program to help develop their skills and boost their confidence.  So far the program has had a great impact creating more participation of the women in their communities and to help even more, they operate a day-care center for the children of the working moms.

One woman who has benefited from SOS’s efforts is Isabel.  Isabel is a mother of 12 and a grandmother of three and has raised children and taken care of house her whole life.  She has never been to school because when she was growing up, her father told her “that women would not have the right to learn anything. All my brothers went, but us girls did not.”  Since SOS established their program in Sololá, Isabel has taken literacy classes and can now read and write.  These skills have given her the confidence to have a bigger impact on her local community.  At 51 she says, “I am old, but I have never been taught anything” she explains “participating in those talks awakened my mind.”

To read about one woman whose life has changed for the better, please check out her story here:

To read more about other SOS programs in Guatemala, visit here:

International Day of the African Child

Ten years ago today, The Organization of African Unity first celebrated the International Day of the African Child.  It remembers the more than 10,000 African students who fought for their educational rights during the apartheid regime 35 years ago.  “Thousands were killed and more that 179 were brutally tortured.”   Because of the organization’s efforts, continued advancements have been made toward improving the level and quality education provided to disadvantaged African children.

Today SOS Children’s Village will be holding a children’s right exhibition in Nairobi focused on the importance of education and schools.  “It will highlight the need to educate children on their right to life, their survival and development.  It will also advocate for the developing of laws and establishing of government structures to ensure child survival, development and protection.”

Although in recent years things have improved for many children, money for tuition, uniforms and textbooks fees are a huge barrier for many.  Many have to forgo education in order to provide for their families.  SOS has established 111 schools and 128 nurseries across Africa, which has helped thousands over the years.

To help with these efforts, please visit and to read a personal account click here

Aussie Cricket Player helps out Room to Read

On the 30th of June, one of the most recognized names in cricket will be helping to fund the Room to Read event, ‘Beer for Books’.  Shane Watson will be the The Pawn in Wan Chai (Hong Kong) donating $10 for every beer.  When the Aussie Champion All-Rounder was asked about his feelings he responded “Reading is the most important skill you can have, without [the ability to read], it’s that much harder to achieve your goals. People who don’t have the opportunity can get stuck in a certain environment.”

Watson has been a Room to Read ambassador for some time and has helped promote events around the world.  For the ICC Cricket World Cup, the partnership benefited over 20,000 young people.

This will be a great night to help with a great cause and meet a world famous athlete that wants to offer his time to help as well.

For more details on how to run your own B4B take a look here

To keep up to day with all of Room to Read’s events, check out their events page at

Cool People Do It on Bikes

Ahead of Quintessentially Foundation’s own sponsored bike ride from London to Edinburgh, Paralympic champions Sarah and Barney Storey will be participating in the ParalympicsGB, ‘Ride Across Britain’ from 11-19 of June.  The pair are campaigning to be part ofBritain’s Paralympics team in London 2012 and in preparation for this, they will be biking in this World Champions event for 950 miles from John O’Groats toLand’s End.

To give you an idea of exactly how gruelling the ride will be Quintessentially Foundations London toEdinburghevent, which starts only a day after this is finished,  is nearly a full 500miles shorter than the Paralympic ride, stopping atScotlandcapital.  They must think we are amateurs!

When talking about last year’s event, one of the participants, Jody Cundy,  said  “It had such a profound effect on my training that in 2010 I added an endurance event to my sprint events on the track and it paid off as I won silver in the 4km pursuit at the recent Track World Championships.”  Cundy will only be riding fromGlasgowtoBath, but is encouraging other riders to continue on.

This event is not only great for endurance training, but a well-organized, marshalled event that is a safe environment for the athletes to train in.

For more information to participate in the events or to find ways to donate please visit the websites below.

And to check QF’s bike ride go to:

Read This-If You Can: One Million UK Adults Can’t Read

Yesterday (6th June), the London Evening Standard launched a literacy campaign to get the 1 million adults and 1 in four illiterate children in London reading. Joining forces with the charity, Volunteer Reading Help, the LES is beginning to tackle the affliction of illiteracy. They ask for volunteers to go into schools and support children who are struggling to read, and also appealing for money to pay those volunteers. According to the article, one in four children are practically illiterate after completing primary school, that one in three does not own a book and that 1 million working adults cannot read. Today on the 7th of June, the Duchess of Cornwall joined along with 300 other volunteers already signed up to offer their help. To join Ed Miliband, Louis Walsh and Nigella Lawson and other celebrities in the fight against illiteracy by helping or donating, or for more information please visit  and

Some Micellaneous Fundraising Ideas.

Here are some random ideas that can be done at the office, school, home, or with your group of friends.

Back to Front Day– pay someone to wear their clothes backwards for the day.

Bingo/Games Nights– A night of fun for all. Can have small prizes for winners.

Book Drive– ask people to donate books for schools

50/50 Raffle– this can be for anything; 50% goes to the winner, 50% to the charity.

Car Wash– Tell you friends and family you want to wash their dirty cars.

Culture/International Night– Have friends from around the world? Get together to share food, dancing and fashion styles with each other.

Dress Down Day– pay to wear jeans to school/the office.

Egg Painting– Get ready for the holidays. Decorate some eggs with some friends.

Gold Party– Get together with you friends and neighbours and sell your old gold.

Head Shaving– Have some curly locks? Cut them off and donate.

Fundraising Ideas for Online and Sports.


Facebook– Everybody uses it. Create an event, and invite everyone you know.

Just Giving– Online page to sponsor those raising money for charities.

Virgin Money Giving– same as above


Cycle-a-thon– ask people to cycle for charity.

Cricket Match– organize a game with friends and charge for admission to the game.

Easter Egg Hunt– Hide eggs and invite your friends to find them.

Egg and Spoon Race– Bet on who has the steadiest hand.

Football Match– organize a game with friends and charge for admission to the game.

Fun Runs/Walks– Ask people to do a 5k for a charity.

Office Olympics– Want to have a fun afternoon in the office? Have a spinning chair competition.

Swim-a-thon– ask people to swim for charity.