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Fundraising Ideas for Food.


Apple Dunking– Get a bin, fill it with water and a few apples and have your friends bob for them.

Bad Taste Day– Have some rare food that know one wants to try? Bring it to work (or anywhere) and have people sponsor a brave soul to eat it.

Bake Sale– Have a friend that like to bake? Ask if they whip up some delicious sweets to sell.

Pet Food Drive- Collect pet food for a local animal shelter.

Tea Party– Get together with friends for some tea and crumpets.

36 hour Famine– Sponsor someone to go without food (except water) for a poor child that goes without food all year long.

Wine Tasting Night– Have some nice wine you want to share? Have a wine and cheese party.


Fundraising Ideas for the Arts.

Creative Night/Show– Know some artist? Have them display their work for a night of pleasure to the eyes.

Film Night– Put together a collection of movies to watch with family and friends. Go to a park or other large space to hold the event and charge for admission.

Magic Show– Know any magic tricks? See which of your friends is the next Houdini.

Music Night– Love playing instruments? Listen to your friends show their personality in a new way.

Talent/Fashion Show– Everyone’s got talent. Get together with your friends and family and see who really has the best talent. Want to show your style? Put together a collection and show it off to your friends and family.

Poetry Slam– Invite talented poets to come and recite their poems or world famous poems.

Check back next week for the some more ideas!

For the next few weeks QF will be posting some fundraising ideas that you can use.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Quintessentially Foundation have 5 places for The Royal Parks Half Marathon. Please email to sign up.

Date: Sunday 9th October
Start: Hyde Park
Length: 13.1 miles
Minimum fundraising: £500 each