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L2E Cycle Ride

Quintessentially Foundation will be hosting an annual cycling challenge from 20-24th July 2011.  The London to Edinburgh cycle ride will take 100 participants 468 miles in order to aid The Place2Be.  The Place2Be is a school-based counselling service dedicated to improving the emotional well being of children, their families and the whole school community.  The funds raised by Quintessentially Foundation fund the Croydon and Enfield hubs.  Our fundraising target is an impressive £500,000.

The five trip will go as follows:

Day 1: We will be meeting at Alexandra Palace in London at 6:30 am for registration and will begin the journey at 7:30 am.  We will head north towards Potters Bar and will travel through Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire.  We will have lunch at Caxton, 54 miles in, and arrive at our hotel in the heart of Peterborough for our overnight stay.

Day 2: After an early breakfast we set off through the city and through the Lincolnshire Fens situated between the Humber and the Wash.  Huge expanses of its countryside and coast are still undeveloped drawing wildlife and bird watchers.  We will be cycling along quiet roads and really get to feel how peaceful and unspoilt the area is.  We arrive at our overnight accommodations in Broughton which is a spa hotel where you can relax after a long day in the saddle.

Day 3: We start the day with an early breakfast and crossing the Humber Suspension Bridge which “opened up” two previously remote areas of England allowing them to realise their potential in commercial, industrial and tourist development.  We will have lunch in Malton at 58 miles and continue to our overnight accommodations 6 miles outside Middlesborough.

Day 4: Our journey today takes us first to Sedgefield (Tony Blair’s constituency) and then we begin climbing up the moors.  We will have lunch at 65 miles in Stamfordham.  Our destination for the day is Alnwick, the market town in Northumberland with its castle, oft referred to as “The Windsor of the North”.

Day 5: Our final day of cycling takes us over the border and into Scotland.  Crossing the Lammermuir Hills we stop at Gifford for lunch before the final stretch to the wonderful city of Edinburgh.  We finish close to Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Palace with great views and plenty of space for the whole group.


Charity Response to International Crisis

Philanthropy, whether based in London, New York, or Hong Kong, shares the same goal of bettering people’s lives.  Quintessentially Foundation capitalizes on this global project by supporting both local and international charities.  Today’s international charities prove exceptionally important in a society ransacked with inter-state problems such as natural disasters and instability.

This is particularly true in light of recent events such as the political instability in the Middle East and Africa and wide spread natural disasters.  When catastrophes strike, the organisations already on the ground are the best at responding to the crisis.  SOS Children is particularly aware of this reality.

SOS Children works in 124 different countries and provides homes for orphaned and abandoned children, as well as assisting families in being able to care for their children.  Due to the interests of the organisation, their locations are world wide, and in areas prone to instability and crisis.  When landslides struck in Bolivia, SOS Children was there to assess the damage.  After violence in Sudan, SOS Children took in refugee children and assured them safety in unstable times.  With unrest in Côte d’Ivoire, SOS Children ensured that their children and families were moved to safer areas.  After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, SOS Children agreed to take as many unaccompanied children as they could.  SOS Children’s expertise stems from a local trust in the organisation and due to their dedication to stay in areas, even after major aid has left.  SOS Children, due their understanding of the situation on the ground, comprehends the need for emergency relief, particularly for children in areas of conflict and catastrophe.

Recent events show the need for organisations that can help the victims of conflict and natural disaster.  With the help of organisations like SOS Children, the impact of international strife on families can be lessened.

If you wish to learn more about SOS Children’s work in emergency situations, please visit:

QF Visits the Royal Free Hampstead

In harmony with our mission statement to focus on improving the lives of disadvantaged local communities through medical care, emotional development and social opportunity, Quintessentially Foundation will be going to the Royal Free Hampstead to help the children celebrate an early Easter.  Four staff members will be going on 15th April to give the children Easter gifts from Hamleys.

The idea to go to the hospital during the holidays came from a Quintessentially staff member.  Here is her story:

“The idea for this came from as some of you may or may not know, I myself have spent almost 2 and a half years in a hospital (mostly as a youngster) and on one occasion was actually in this same hospital over an Easter holiday and had a knock on my door one afternoon only to be surprised by a giant walking teddy bear and some helpers handing out- you guessed it- Teddy bears and Easter eggs, all donated by a local businessman.

It not a radical cause, but it’s certainly something that I remember from all those years ago and a nice gesture for some kids that may be a little down in the dumps, lonely, feeling unwell, not having family and friends around them having to be away from home over such a holiday and letting them know that there is someone out there who is thinking of them.”

All the staff members helped fundraise by having small events to fund the children’s gifts.

To learn how you can help the Royal Free Hampstead, please visit

Our Partner Charity: SOS Children

SOS Children’s Villages is the world’s largest orphan charity operating in 124 countries.  They operate where the need is greatest.  Over 70,000 orphaned and abandoned children are cared for by SOS mothers in clusters of family homes in 473 unique children’s villages.  There are ten to fifteen family houses per village with ten children per house and one mother, providing a safe and bright environment to grow up in.

Our largest fundraiser on behalf of SOS Children was The Haiti Project (in conjunction with the Reuben Foundation and Virgin Unite).  Through this event, Quintessentially Foundation was able to donate £184,455 to help reconstruct following Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.  Quintessentially Foundation is also in the process of arranging a poker event to be held in October that will aid SOS Children.

For more information, and to find our how you can help, please visit

Our Partner Charity: Room to Read

Room to Read was set up by John Wood, head of Microsoft in China at the time, after a trek through Nepal in 1998, where he visited local schools.  He admired the warmth and enthusiasm of students and teachers, but was saddened by the shocking lack of resources.  700 million adults are illiterate, two thirds of these are female and 72 million children do not attend primary schools.  They operate in countries where they know money will be used well and provide infrastructure for the local community.

Quintessentially Foundation has held several fabulous events to support Room to Read since the beginning of their partnership in 2009.  These events include an online auction which raised over £55,000 and a London to Land’s End Cycle ride which provided the charity with £50,000.  Quintessentially Foundation has also hosted a Summer Garden Party, a Wine Gala, and a Hong Kong Quintessentially Fashion Event to aid Room to Read.

The proceeds from our fundraising has helped Room to Read to build the Shree Sankha Devi Lower Secondary School in Nepal and is funding the building of a reading room in the Petauke Basic School in Zambia.

For more information, and to find out how you can help, please visit


Our Partner Charity: The Place2Be

The Place2Be was established in 1994 in response to increasing concern about the extent of emotional and behavioural difficulties displayed in classrooms.  In the UK, over a million children have mental health problems and 80% of children showing behavioural problems at the age of five go on to develop more serious forms of antisocial behaviour later on in life.  Their main focus is early intervention, working towards improving the lives of at risk children in the transitional years, between primary and secondary school.

Quintessentially Foundation will be hosting a London to Edinburgh Cycling Challenge, a total trip of 468 miles.  Our 100 participants will be cycling from the 20th to 24th July 2011.  The proceeds from this event will aid The Place2Be hubs in Croydon and Enfield.  We hope to raise £500,000 from this event.  Events hosted by Quintessentially Foundation in the past include An Affordable Art Fair and a Summer Pub Quiz.

To learn more about The Place2Be and to find out how you can help, please see

Our Partner Charity: The House of St Barnabas

The House of St. Barnabas is a Soho charity which provides people who have experience homelessness with the life skills needed to sustain their independence and build healthy, productive lives.  The charity has been helping London’s homeless for over 160 years, and provides a unique environment where the homeless can receive support and guidance and gain early, real work experience.  The vision for the House today, through their life skills programmes, is to be an anchor point and community for people who have suffered from homelessness.  They provide them with a range of tailored work experience, training and therapeutic services in order to help each person to manage their wider journey back to a more stable and happy life.  To learn more about The House of St. Barnabas and how you can help, please visit

Quintessentially Foundation partnered with The House of St. Barnabas in 2009 and its largest fundraiser has been Quintessentially Soho.  Quintessentially Soho is a not-for-profit members’ club which both promotes awareness and raises money for the charity.  Quintessentially Foundation also uses the venue for a series of engaging fundraising events as well as community workshops for both the volunteers at The House of St. Barnabas.

For more information on Quintessentially Soho please visit




Introduction to QF in 2011

Quintessentially Foundation supports charitable activity worldwide focused on improving the lives of disadvantaged local communities through medical care, emotional development and social opportunity.  We choose innovative charities, including The Place2Be, SOS Children, Room to Read and The House of St. Barnabas to help us meet these goals.  Quintessentially Foundation was able to raise over GBP­­­ 700,000 globally for charity during 2010 and is hoping to raise a further GBP 1,000,000 by the end of 2011.

The first quarter of 2011 has seen the first Johnnie Walker Blue Label Philanthropy Series Talk by Stephen Dawson.  The last three months we have been have been dedicated to organising the London to Edinburgh Cycling Challenge to be held on 20th-24th July (in aid of The Place2Be).  We are also in the process of developing a Poker Event to be held in late October to raise money for SOS Children.

QF is working on developing a small grants program in which staff can apply to have small events, such as birthday drinks, pub quizzes, or tandem skydives, the proceeds from which can go to a charity of choice.  QF also hopes to meet its 2011 goal through Give As You Earn (GAYE), a program which allows tax payers to make charitable donations at discount depending on your tax rate.  Through these events and programs we hope to encourage Quintessentially, both in London and internationally, to become involved in charity.